What would you say if you only had 30 days to live?

What would your story be?

Janine didn’t know, either – not until she was pushed by her friend and counselor (Sister) to put pen to paper and tell her story…in her own words.

She’s the mother you want, the protector you need, the sister you want to have…and the daughter she didn’t deserve to be.

We learn what’s truly important to Janine, we get a glimpse inside two worlds far too many know, and one far too many aren’t lucky enough to escape, no matter their background or status.

Passionate and unreserved, setting emotions on edge and convention on its ear, dispensing with what you might consider a traditional autobiography, The Rest Is Still Unwritten occupies an indelicate space in time and tells the stories of two women you won’t soon forget.

Broken lives, tragic circumstances, the power of love, and the power of friendship.

30 days… start right now.

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Mark Vertreese