Inside My Mind is a Dangerous Place!

I created Magnolia Rambling on the advice of my dear friend, Valerie.  I needed a place to practice writing, a place to be able to say absolutely whatever I wanted, and know that the only people reading what I wrote would be those people who either truly knew me (read: truly know I'm a little twisted), or those people who happened to luck upon the site and decided that I was just crazy enough to keep reading...and maybe come back every now and then for new stuff.

Magnolia Rambling isn't your every day, run of the mill blog.  ( those exist?)  I don't talk fashion, I don't follow a Khardashian, and I'm not concerned - necessarily - with geo-political movements.  No, this is a place where you'll find yourself sucked into the deepest recesses of my brain, trying simultaneously to figure out if what I'm saying is 100% correct and earth-shattering, or if I've fallen on my head and bruised a lobe.  Either way, it's always entertaining, it's a little bit snarky, a tad judgmental (don't judge me),  and hopefully a little educational along the ride.  Topics can go anywhere from the rooter to the tooter, with a couple of lengthy stops in-between.

Come laugh with me, get pissed off with me, become as enlightened as I can lead you to believe you are, and have a great time kicking back and wondering just what in the hell is really wrong with me.  LOL!

Mark Vertreese